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A Study on the Needs and Satisfaction of Students' Psychological Adaptability Education under the Influence of Negative Behaviors

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.042


Liu Liang

Corresponding Author

Liu Liang


As a special group of young people, college students' high learning pressure and tense teacher - student relationship have become an inevitable part of their lives. Moreover, it causes a lot of psychological problems in college education and affects their happiness. In the inevitable situation of life activities, the emotional attitude and handling ability of college students, the extension of emotional intelligence determined by the psychological state of life events, as the changeable feelings of college students, the positive internal psychological state in the dynamic process of emotional response of individuals with their own feelings and enthusiasm of other universities and colleges. This is the psychological mechanism for universities and colleges to regulate their own emotional activities. In some areas, higher learning meta emotional institutions play an important role in dealing with some negative life events. It can improve the physical health of college students by cultivating their meta emotional ability. Therefore, this paper focuses on the internal and external factors of university learning. Vertical and horizontal examination is an investigation of the relationship between negative life events, academic emotions and life of college students.


Negative Behavior, Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province, Negative Life Events, Life Satisfaction