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Innovation of Online Education and Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.041


Zhao Junjing

Corresponding Author

Zhao Junjing


In the information age of rapid change, the revolution of Internet technology has developed rapidly in the world. In recent years, with the continuous development of information technology in our country, the traditional education industry in our country has been unprecedentedly impacted. In the wave of the times, our traditional education industry needs to break the traditional rules, and constantly integrate the new Internet + structure model of information technology, so as to realize the smooth innovation and transformation of China's education and teaching mode. Our country's efficient quality education is in the transition stage, we must vigorously innovate, the education and teaching personnel should strengthen the use of information technology in the teaching process, provide new resources for high-quality online courses, at the same time, we should constantly improve the professional quality of the teaching team, explore the scientific mode of online education, and realize the long-term and efficient development of our country's efficient education Jia Xiue.


Internet +, University Online, Mode Exploration