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Research on Innovation of Physical Education Curriculum Reform Based on Internet Plus Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.039


Wang Lei, Li Pengsong, Li Yi

Corresponding Author

Wang Lei


The new mode of promoting the combination of Internet and physical education curriculum is the inevitable direction for the development of physical education information, modernization and high efficiency. It is helpful to apply the advantages of good media, flexibility, extension and openness that the Internet can automatically possess, highlight the students' main position in physical education, stimulate the students' interest in autonomous learning, promote the continuous improvement of teaching quality, and make the teaching activities more rich and diverse. This paper takes the college physical education as an example, analyzes the significance of the application of Internet+education model in the reform and development innovation of physical education curriculum, and preliminarily discusses the innovative ways of physical education curriculum reform based on Internet+education for reference.


Physical Education Curriculum Reform, Innovation, Internet +