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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation Model of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.029


Zhang Na

Corresponding Author

Zhang Na


With the development of society and the improvement of economic level, the content and thought of education and teaching in colleges and universities in our country are constantly changing, gradually from the traditional theory teaching to the practical teaching of theory. In the information age of economic globalization, the market demand for talents is also constantly changing, and many colleges and universities encourage college students to start a business in order to realize the promotion of economic construction and the mastery of college students'compound technology. Innovation is the fundamental driving force of the development of the times and economy. Only continuous innovation and entrepreneurship can enhance the sustained growth of market economy and expand more diversified. This article first analyzes the current situation of the development of innovative entrepreneurship education for college students, and then expounds the shortcomings of the current innovative entrepreneurship education for college students.


Innovative Entrepreneurship Education for College, Students Education Model, Innovation Model