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College English Teaching in the Context of Intercultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.025


Jia Zhiyong, Tian Jing, Zhao Jing

Corresponding Author

Jia Zhiyong


Cross-cultural awareness and intercultural communication competence are one of the teaching tasks of university courses. Under the background of the new curriculum reform, college English education began to pay attention to the cultivation of college students' comprehensive quality and ability to ensure that students can learn more cultural knowledge and have the ability to communicate across cultures in the process of English learning. In order to promote students' cross-cultural consciousness, college English education should carry out teaching classroom from the perspective of cross-cultural communication, improve students' interest in English learning and cultivate students' cross-cultural communication ability. This paper analyzes the problems existing in college English teaching and puts forward effective strategies to carry out English teaching from the perspective of cross-cultural communication.


Intercultural Communication Perspective, College English, Teaching Strategies