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Self-development and Scientific Research Consciousness of College English Teachers in Network Multimedia Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.024


Wang Jian

Corresponding Author

Wang Jian


The introduction of network technology in college English teaching requires more English teachers, not only need teachers to have knowledge ability, but also need to have technical ability, that is, to be able to apply network multimedia technology reasonably, to shape media environment in teaching, to make English teaching more colorful, to stimulate students' interest in learning English knowledge and to improve teaching quality. This requires teachers to have the ability of self-development, to be able to constantly improve themselves in the new teaching environment, to achieve self-improvement, to ensure teaching ability, but also to have scientific research ability, to achieve the combination of teaching and scientific research, for the application of various new technologies, the transfer of knowledge more smoothly, so that students can obtain good learning results. This thesis focuses on the self-development and scientific research consciousness of college English teachers in network multimedia environment.


Network Multimedia Environment, University, English Teacher, Self-Development, Scientific Research Consciousness