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Practice of Teaching Reform of English Education Majors in the Context of "Curriculum Thought and Politics"

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.022


Zhang Hong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hong


From the current teaching practice of english education specialty ," curriculum ideological and political "is the main educational development trend in the future, and there are obvious differences between english education and other subject education, so we should also adopt targeted teaching reform countermeasures in teaching practice, change the defects and disadvantages of traditional teaching mode, optimize the traditional teaching form, and finally realize the effective improvement of teaching quality. Under the background of "course thought and politics ", this paper expounds and analyzes the practical countermeasures of the reform of English education specialty in detail, hoping to play a positive role in promoting the development of English education.


Ideological and Political Courses, English Education, Teaching Reform, Practical Countermeasures