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A Study on the Application of Hybrid Teaching Model in Higher Vocational Analytical Chemistry in Post-MOOC Period

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.018


Ying Yu, Xiaobo Li, Deng Yu, Wu Fang

Corresponding Author

Ying Yu


Analytical chemistry curriculum is one of the most important components in higher vocational colleges. In recent years, educators have been thinking deeply about how to improve the teaching level of this course in the post-mOOC period. Therefore, this paper analyzes the actual situation of the students in higher vocational colleges and the problems existing in the teaching of analytical chemistry courses, and expounds the application mode of the hybrid teaching mode of analytical chemistry in higher vocational colleges in the post-mOOC period, hoping to provide reference and reference for the relevant people through this article, thus laying a good foundation for improving the quality of analytical chemistry teaching in higher vocational colleges.


Chemical Analysis, Post-MOOC Period, Higher Vocational Education, Mixed Teaching Model, Application