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The Main Problems and Improvement Measures of Applying Stratified Teaching Method in Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.014


Niu Xiaoqiang

Corresponding Author

Niu Xiaoqiang


In the current education system, physical education curriculum, as an important part, has a profound influence on the development of students' physical and mental health, the improvement of physical and mental quality, the cultivation of core literacy, and so on, which is related to the future development of students. With the further development of education reform, physical education teaching is important to more educational experts and scholars, which also puts forward higher requirements and standards for physical education teaching. As a novel teaching mode, layered teaching method can meet the learning needs of different students, respect students' main position and improve students' learning efficiency. The application of layered teaching method to physical education is bound to further promote the innovation and development of contemporary physical education and improve the overall level of physical education.


Physical Education, Stratified Teaching Method, Main Problems, Improvement Measures