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Research on Vocational Quality Education for College Computer Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.011


Zeng Zhaomin

Corresponding Author

Zeng Zhaomin


With the rapid development of social economy in our country, the application of computer is more and more extensive, the application technology is more advanced, and the demand for computer technology is gradually showing a diversified development trend, which leads to the increasing demand of the society for the computer professionals trained in colleges and universities. Based on this background, the training of computer professionals in colleges and universities should not only pay attention to students' theoretical knowledge and professional skills, but also pay attention to students' professional quality and focus on carrying out professional quality education. This paper briefly analyzes the composition of professional quality of college computer majors and probes into the countermeasures of vocational quality education for college computer majors.


University, Computer Major, Students Professional Literacy, Educational Methods