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Jurisprudence Practice Teaching from the Perspective of Outstanding Legal Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.010


Yuzhen Suolang

Corresponding Author

Yuzhen Suolang


In recent years, although China's higher law education has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results, it has trained a large number of legal talents for the country, but it still cannot meet the needs of the socialist legal modernization and the development of the socialist market economy. The implementation of the education plan for outstanding legal talents has provided new opportunities for the development of legal education and the cultivation of legal talents. In order to better implement the plan of training excellent legal talents, local colleges and universities should strengthen legal education, improve the practical ability of students, and cultivate application-oriented talents with legal application ability. Therefore, it is necessary to reexamine the existing teaching work of jurisprudence, improve it from the compilation of teaching materials, the construction of teaching platform, the clarification and orientation of teaching contents, the exploration of teaching methods and other aspects, so as to improve the teaching level of jurisprudence buying practice, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the training plan for outstanding legal talents.


Outstanding law, Personnel training, Practical teaching of jurisprudence