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The Application of Vocal Music Electronic Keyboard to Sight Singing Teaching of the Preschool Education in Higher Vocational Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.009


Zhang Zhengxian

Corresponding Author

Zhang Zhengxian


Sight singing is a required course for preschool education in higher vocational schools. However, most of the students graduate from high school so that their music foundation is poor and their interest in learning is not high, so they can’t gain positive learning results. The vocal music electronic keyboard is to implant the do, re, mi and other single tones sung by human voice into the electronic organ chip. Playing the electronic organ can sing the scores of sight singing, song and music. No matter the staff or the score, no matter the first key or the fixed key, it can be easy to play. The use of the vocal music sung by the teacher that is recorded through vocal music electronic keyboard for preview, review and teaching has not only greatly improved students' interest in learning and ability of sight singing, but also promoted students' vocal music and piano learning, laying a good foundation for students' teaching in the field of art after employment.


Vocal music, Electronic keyboard, Preschool education, Sight singing teaching