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Expectations of Higher Vocational Students and Enterprise Instructors on Cooperation Supported by Information Technology in the Work-Post Practice

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.008


Xifeng Liao, Jianguo Huang

Corresponding Author

Xifeng Liao


A close and high-quality cooperation is the basic condition of an effective training in vocational education. This research took the quantative method to analyze the expectation of students and enterprise instructors in the coperative teaching supported by internet platforms. Results suggest most students and enterprise instructor soundly undstand the importance of a closer cooperation and the assessment from both parties. There are some differences between students and enterprise instructors on expectations of the same aspects. Though enterprise tutors understand the importance of a close cooperation but their willingness to cooperate with college teachers with the support of information techonolgoy is quited limited. And students don't expect much cooperation which will cause closer monitor on student performance on the work posts.


Expectation, Cooperation, Enterprise instructor, Work-Post practice, Information Technology