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Exploration on How to Give Full Play to Students' Subjective Role in College English Major Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.249


Yue Shen, Zhenqiang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yue Shen


With the continuous development of today's information society, the society is setting increasingly higher requirements for the ability English major teaching. Teachers who carry out English teaching in college classrooms are required to study and analyze students’ actual situation according to their current development characteristics based on the practical requirements of teaching so that teachers’ teaching methods can adapt to students’ subjective initiative and help to give full play to students' subjective role in the classroom, and enhance their enthusiasm for English major learning, fully get students participated in English learning in the classroom, so as to cultivate students' English professional quality and competence, lay a solid foundation for future study. This paper will mainly study and analyzes the current situation of college English course teaching and practical measures to exert students’ subjective role in the classroom.


College English, Professional teaching, Current classroom situation, Students’ subjective role, Development measures, Comprehensive quality