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On the Moralization Dilemma of Legal Basic Education in Colleges and Universities in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.247


Li Zhipeng

Corresponding Author

Li Zhipeng


The basic education of law in colleges and universities is an important carrier of the basic strength of social law construction. Under the background of the continuous improvement of law construction and the implementation of the concept of governing the country according to law, the promotion of moral legalization has also begun to show more clear changes. In order to make effective adjustment of educational effect and education level and have higher pertinence, the legal basic education in colleges and universities need to make reasonable coordination of teaching goal and teaching content. As far as the actual effect of the basic law education courses in most colleges and universities in our country is concerned, there are still many insurmountable difficulties and difficulties. For the education work, the moral dilemma creates more obstacles to the students' legal literacy and the cultivation of the core literacy.


Ethical Legalization Background, Moralization of Legal Basic, Education in Colleges and Universities