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Study on the Teaching Model of Foreign Language Ecology in Computer Network Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.246


Wang Cong, Guo Wei, Yang Yan

Corresponding Author

Wang Cong


With the continuous updating and improvement of computer technology in our country, computer network technology has been widely used in various industries. And the application of computer network technology in English teaching cannot only enrich the teaching situation, but also effectively innovate the ecological mode of teaching. However, in the process of applying computer network technology, relevant educators should also pay attention to the phenomenon of ecological imbalance in classroom teaching. The application of computer network technology in the process of English teaching may have an impact on the ecological balance of teaching. Therefore, in addition to studying and exploring the computer network technology in English classroom, teachers should construct a healthy and coordinated foreign language ecological teaching mode, so as to play the role of computer network technology better. This paper analyzes the foreign language ecological teaching mode of computer network technology, expounds the meaning of curriculum ecologicalization, discusses some problems in English classroom teaching under the computer network environment, and puts forward some concrete countermeasures on how to construct the ecological teaching mode, hoping you can play some reference role for the relevant educators.


Computer Network Keywords Technology, Foreign Language Teaching, Ecology Teaching Model