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Interpretation of Foreign Literature Textbooks from the Perspective of Chinese Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.244


Guo Wei, Wang Cong, Yang Yan

Corresponding Author

Guo Wei


Foreign literature teaching materials are important channels for Chinese students to expand their literary literacy and understand foreign literature knowledge. Since the reform and opening up, many kinds of foreign literature textbooks have been published in our country, but the quality is not uniform, it can be said that the excellent teaching materials are not many, some textbooks are wrong, and some teaching materials have old views. With the development of economy and the increasing degree of national self-confidence, colleges and universities are required to respond to the Chinese cultural perspective in the process of interpreting foreign literature textbooks, re-examine the compilation of teaching materials, and highlight the views of tolerance, innovation, pioneering and integration under the perspective of Chinese culture. This paper will make a comprehensive analysis from three aspects: the achievements of foreign literature teaching materials construction, the problems of foreign literature teaching materials compilation, and the interpretation of foreign literature teaching materials based on the view of Chinese culture, in order to promote the development of Chinese literature teaching materials compilation.


Foreign Literature Teaching Materials, Cultural Horizon, Interpretation of Teaching Materials