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Ideological and Political Research on Higher Vocational Public English Courses from the Perspective of Ecological Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.237


Xueyu Sun

Corresponding Author

Xueyu Sun


Under the background of the development of social economy, it also satisfies people's material demand to a great extent, and forms the spiritual pursuit which tends to be strong gradually. One of the hot topics in the current social environment is the study of the interaction between language and environment, which is a full embodiment of the definition of linguistic ecology. In the modern society environment, the comprehensive arrival of the information age and the continuous invasion of the diversified cultural ecology make the continuous strengthening of ideological and political education is particularly critical. How to broaden the path of ideological and political education actively from the perspective of ecolinguistics is an important problem that needs to be solved urgently by teachers. The effective development of ideological and political teaching in higher vocational public English courses from the perspective of ecological linguistics is an important measure in English education, and it is also a realistic choice to promote the development of socialist construction.


Ecolinguistics, Higher Vocational English, Ideological and Political Courses