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On the Management of College Students' Education from the Perspective of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.234


Zhao Xiaolin

Corresponding Author

Zhao Xiaolin


In the era of information technology popularization, smart phone has become an important carrier of information transmission. College students generally use smart phones, bring a lot of convenience to study and life, teachers can be reflected on the network platform, the use of mobile phones can only log in to the platform to receive educational information, very convenient. In carrying out the education management of the students, the teachers of colleges and universities should take into account the characteristics of the college students, the way of education should keep pace with the times, make full use of the new media technology in carrying out the education work, stimulate the students' interest, and let the students receive the education better. Only by conforming to the trend can we carry out the work smoothly, make use of the new media technology to help the popularization of education management, and also play a subtle guiding role in improving the quality of education management. This thesis focuses on the management of college students' education from the perspective of new media.


New Media Perspective, College Students, Education Management