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A Study on the Teaching Mode of Railway Crime Scene Survey in the New Mobile Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.233


Cai Xin

Corresponding Author

Cai Xin


In the background of the big data era, the way of information dissemination is more extensive, and on the basis of the continuous improvement of information technology, it greatly facilitates people's access to information. Relying on big data, a variety of information in social life realizes organic integration and full integration, and in such a situation, it will inevitably affect the security of traditional social network information, and the controllability of information in social life will also face a certain crisis. Curriculum construction is important in the current research of professional construction. The railway crime scene survey set up in public security colleges and universities should constantly improve their curriculum content system, strengthen teachers'education and teaching ideas, guide teachers to adopt diversified teaching forms, and ensure that public security students can expand their ability level and technology under the guidance of teachers. Public security professional curriculum research should be strengthened and promoted to ensure the quality and level of teaching in public security specialized colleges and universities.


Railway Crime Scene Survey, Flipping Classroom, Constructing