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Discussion on the Cooperative Development of Ideological and Political Education and Party Building in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.230


Wu Zhongkun

Corresponding Author

Wu Zhongkun


Nowadays, the party building and ideological and political teaching are the most important work contents in the higher campus of our country, and its teaching aim is to help the contemporary college students to establish the correct world outlook, values and outlook on life. Under the social background of high-speed development, the party building and ideological education of college students have ushered in a new round of transformation opportunities and challenges. In order to effectively achieve the two teaching objectives mentioned above, and then cultivate a new era of all-round development of talent, this paper analyzes the relationship between the current university party building work and ideological and political teaching, and discusses how to achieve the common development of party building and ideological education, and explores several relevant teaching paths, and puts forward some teaching suggestions.


Party Building Work, Ideological and Political Education, Coordinated Development, Teaching Path