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On the Economic Application of Fractional Differential Integral in Higher Mathematics

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.228


Shi Peicheng

Corresponding Author

Shi Peicheng


Mathematics is the subject of studying the change of quantitative digital structure and the concept of space and information. In a sense, mathematics is a kind of criminal science. In the course of human development and social progress, mathematics plays an irreplaceable role. It provides the most basic and powerful support for the development of modern science and technology and information technology and the improvement of people's economic level. Mathematics is a more advanced knowledge of mathematics, the use of economic knowledge of mathematics is very extensive, especially in economic calculation, mathematical knowledge is an essential computing tool, but also one of the important tools for economic analysis. This article will analyze and discuss the application of fractional calculus in economics in higher mathematics.


Advanced Mathematics, Fractional Calculus, Economic Applications