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The Influence of the Belief of Physical Health on the Physical Exercise Behavior of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.215


Yang Xi

Corresponding Author

Yang Xi


The development of sports can strengthen the people's physique, college students are the future, pillars and hope of the country, not only to exercise the students'ability of learning and learning to use, but also to make the college students have a strong physical quality, in the long life and study, to be able to complete all kinds of seemingly impossible tasks in the promotion of healthy body, to achieve long-term development and progress. If the college teachers try to make the students have a more positive performance in the PE class, it is necessary to make the students strengthen the sports belief, and to take physical exercise as a good thing to be done to adhere to it.


College Education, Physical Education, Health Belief, Exercise Mode, Impact Analysis