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A Study on the Cooperative Education Model of Innovative Entrepreneurship Schools in Colleges and Universities with Incentive Education as the Core

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.213


Xiao Zhiyong, Xie Naixi, Zhou Zhanjing, Hu Jing, Xiao Xinyu

Corresponding Author

Xiao Xinyu


In the process of students receiving higher education, the communication bridge between students'families and schools is home-school co-education. However, in the process of continuous development of science and technology, home-school co-education cannot effectively meet the mechanism and system of home-school co-education in the teaching process. Combining with the needs of the current education and teaching environment and the development trend of the students, we should improve effectively and create a more harmonious and stable cooperative teaching mechanism between home and school.


New Normal Education, Home-School Collaboration, Common Education