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A Preliminary Study on Expanding the Teaching of Chinese Painting by Visual Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.210


Zhao Nan

Corresponding Author

Zhao Nan


With the gradual improvement of people's ideological understanding, the recognition of traditional culture in all walks of life becomes more and more important, realizing the importance and necessity of traditional culture and education, increasing the extensive attention to traditional culture and education work, and putting forward higher requirements for traditional culture education and teaching work. Under this background, chinese painting as a part of national excellent traditional art and culture, the reform and innovation of its curriculum teaching is imperative. In view of this, this paper takes the visual communication specialty as an example to explore the strategy of expanding the teaching of Chinese painting course in visual communication design specialty, aiming at promoting students' humanistic literacy, enriching students' design language, promoting students' design thinking development, and carrying forward the traditional culture of our country better inheritance.


Chinese Painting, Teaching Strategy, Visual Communication