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The Fit and Interaction between College Party Building and College Students' Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.203


Shen Feng

Corresponding Author

Shen Feng


Understand the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a brand-new era, colleges and universities need to adjust the development direction of colleges and universities according to the trend of social development, make clear the goal of education, combine party building and entrepreneurship education organically, and improve the quality of education. At the same time, we should explore the positive effect of ideological and political education on the improvement of college students' ideological level, combine party building work with entrepreneurship education organically, cultivate students' comprehensive accomplishment, improve teaching quality, promote ideological and political work in colleges and universities, and optimize the effect of entrepreneurship education in higher education at the same time. The integration of Party building work and innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is an effective way to meet the current situation and fulfill the teaching requirements of the Ministry of Education.


Party Building in Colleges and Universities, Ideological Education, College Students, Interaction