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The Construction of English Ecological Classroom and Its Development Trend in the "Internet Plus" Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.195


Chen Lili

Corresponding Author

Chen Lili


With the continuous development of internet technology in our country, under the background of internet+ era, the development of related information technology and network platform has also had a certain influence on modern education idea and teaching mode. Under the guidance of the education ecology, the relevant educators should clarify the connotation of the english ecological classroom, and carry on the effective analysis and research on the phenomenon of the english ecological imbalance, and put forward the concrete construction countermeasure of the english ecological classroom under the background of the internet + era by applying the principle of the education ecology. This paper mainly analyzes the construction of English ecological classroom and its development trend in the Internet+ era, introduces the connotation of English ecological classroom, and puts forward concrete construction countermeasures, hoping to play some reference role for relevant educators.


" Internet +" Classroom, English Teaching, Ecology Class