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Research on the Educational Concept and Construction of "Great Thought and Politics" in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.193


Wen Dezhi

Corresponding Author

Wen Dezhi


In the new era, with the continuous popularization and deepening of ideological and political education in China, the demand for ideological and political education for students in higher vocational colleges is becoming higher and higher. At present, with the arrival of the information age, the society needs more and more talents of professional knowledge, so at present, the teaching of professional knowledge in the society is far more than ideological and political education, which seriously affects the development of ideological and political teaching system in higher vocational colleges. Based on this point, starting from the ideological and political education concept, this paper analyzes the research problems of the "big ideological and political" education concept in colleges and universities under the background of information technology at present, and then puts forward the relevant ways to improve the education, hoping to effectively improve the ideological and political education in higher vocational colleges for the reference of the broad masses of colleagues.


Information Age, University Thought Politics, Education Idea, Construction Research