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Research on School-Enterprise Cooperative Education Mechanism and Management Reform System

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.182


Bing Xu, Zhentao Liu

Corresponding Author

Bing Xu


Colleges and universities are important educational institutions for training higher-skilled talents. In the current teaching of colleges and universities, teachers' teaching methods have been innovative, but under the impact of college graduates, college graduates have difficulties in finding jobs. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of employment of college graduates and improve the teaching level of colleges and universities, In the teaching process, universities often choose to cooperate with enterprises to implement targeted personnel training. Some enterprises provide funds and requirements. The school implements special training to provide skilled personnel for the enterprise. The school-enterprise synergy education mechanism plays an important role in promoting the development of colleges and universities. While solving the employment problem of college students, it has sent talents to the enterprise, ensured the development of the enterprise, and achieved win-win cooperation for both parties.


School-enterprise cooperative education mechanism, Management reform system