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Research on the Role of Model Motivation on College Students' Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.181


Zhentao Liu, Bing Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhentao Liu


Model education is an effective method for ideological and political education and an important part of ideological and political education. The advanced deeds and exemplary of the role model are presented to the educated in vivid form, attracting and persuading the educated, making them happy to accept and learn, and practicing the spirit of the example in their daily lives. Very strong appeal. The uniqueness of the model education makes it an irreplaceable positive role in improving the bad atmosphere of society, improving the level of ideological and morality, and promoting the overall growth of college students. Based on the research results of scholars, this paper sorts out the basic concepts of role model, model education and college model education. Taking a college student as a research object, this paper conducts a questionnaire survey and empirical research on the model education of contemporary college students. It grasps the current situation of college students' role model education in the current situation, finds out the problems in the process of contemporary college students' role model education and analyzes them. On the basis of this, the author actively explores measures to strengthen and improve the model education of college students, enriches the model education and ideological and political education theory of college students in theory, and provides a reference for the model education of college students in practice.


Model motivation, College education, Ideological and political education