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Research on Promoting College Students' Employment with School-Enterprise Cooperative Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.176


Deqi Lin

Corresponding Author

Deqi Lin


In the new era, the enrollment of college students has expanded, and the traditional education structure and knowledge system have greatly improved compared with the past. Although the state attaches special importance to school construction and talent training, the employment situation for college students remains grim. At present, problems such as difficult employment for college students, outdated employment concepts, and poor psychological quality of employment have frequently arisen, and they have now been widely concerned by the society. In response to this situation, enterprises and schools should work together to create a high-quality employment system for students with school-enterprise cooperation to maximize the self-worth of college students, and then promote long-term social development and progress on this basis.


School-enterprise cooperation, Education, College students, Employment, Analysis