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Electronic Technology Curriculum Reform Based on Teaching Experiment Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.173


Hua Yu, Wenquan Wu, Xuelian Gu, Min Yao, Yunfeng Zhou, Lan Liu, Jingjing Jiang

Corresponding Author

Hua Yu


Based on the netcircuit labs virtual real combination of electronic technology teaching experimental cloud platform, it provides a solid foundation for the implementation of online offline hybrid teaching new methods of electronic technology courses. The curriculum reform plan attempts to build a new teaching experimental cloud platform, design and realize a new, more effective online offline mutual penetration, mutual supplement and close combination We design and implement a new online theory experiment teaching management mode and method, effectively grasp the personalized knowledge background and learning habits of students, collect data online to form teaching big data, which is used to customize personalized teaching, training and experiment programs for each learner. The curriculum reform plan is in line with the transformation and upgrading needs of Application-oriented Universities in training application-oriented talents, and has achieved remarkable results in training high-quality and high-level application-oriented talents.


Virtual reality combination, Netcircuit labs, Experimental cloud platform, Big data, Personalized teaching