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The Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Teaching Methods in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.168


Chen Liang

Corresponding Author

Chen Liang


With the rapid development of computer digital and network technology, the application of big data technology in the course of Ideological and political theory teaching is more and more extensive. Represented by cloud platform and data mining and analysis, the big data technology provides not only the rich teaching resources for various teaching components, but also the advanced teaching methods for teachers, which challenges the traditional education concepts and teaching methods. This paper studies how to use the new technology, resources and platform provided by big data environment to better serve the ideological and political theory teaching in higher vocational colleges, using the new media technology, computer network technology and cloud platform under the big data environment to promote the teaching innovation of Ideological and political education in higher vocational colleges, exploring the formation of the ideological and political teaching mode that combines classroom teaching and big data technology to form complementary advantages, which provides useful reference for the teaching reform of ideological and political theory course.


Higher vocational college, Ideological and political course, Big data environment, Computer network