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Research on the Teaching Model of “Mooc + Spoc + Flip Classroom” under the Background of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.166


Chen Fengqin

Corresponding Author

Chen Fengqin


“MOOC + SPOC + flip classroom” is the teaching model of the future university. “MOOC + SPOC” effectively reflects the teacher's teaching of knowledge and thinking. The physical classroom effectively increases the interaction between students and students, and promotes student learning. And exercise initiative. “MOOC + SPOC + flip classroom” combines the advantages of both, and will develop into a more typical teaching model in the future of colleges and universities, promote the improvement of education and teaching quality, and promote it in education and teaching. Therefore, this article analyzes the teaching mode of “MOOC + SPOC + flip classroom”, discusses the application advantages of “MOOC + SPOC + flip classroom” in colleges and universities, and proposes the design and application strategy of “MOOC + SPOC + flip classroom”.


Internet +, Mooc + spoc, Flipped classroom, Teaching mode