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Train Students' Legal Thinking Ability in Jurisprudence Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.159


Yuzhen Suolang

Corresponding Author

Yuzhen Suolang


The self-sponsored policy of colleges and universities is an important part of exploring higher education development methods, advancing the process of higher education rule of law, and improving the modern university system with Chinese characteristics. The basic goal of legal education is to train high-quality outstanding citizens and high-quality legal persons. The tasks and functions of legal education are shown in two aspects: imparting legal knowledge; To cultivate legal skills and legal thinking ability. Training students' legal thinking ability is an important goal of Jurisprudence Teaching, and the important task of Jurisprudence Teaching is to cultivate students' right thinking and practical thinking ability. Many college students have weak legal awareness, lack of legal literacy, and there are deviations in legal thinking. This paper analyzes the students' institutional thinking from the perspective of the teaching and learning of jurisprudence, so as to make the teaching of jurisprudence become a conscious theoretical activity and teaching practice.


Jurisprudence teaching, Legal thinking ability