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Application on PBL Teaching Model of Aalborg University in RS Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.154


Zhihua Zhang, Huan'e Duan, Hui Han, Shuwen Yang

Corresponding Author

Zhihua Zhang


The AAU PBL teaching model is one of the most characteristic and influential teaching mode in the world. How to introduce this advanced teaching idea into our country and put it into practice? Based on the research and analysis AAU PBL model, the course of remote sensing software development is introduced as the object of teaching reform. In view of the deficiency in the current teaching mode, the paper discusses how to apply the PBL teaching mode to the course, and puts forward the teaching reform plan in each link of the teaching, which aims at enhancing the students' interest in learning and promoting the students' learning initiative. It will cultivate the students' learning ability and improve the teaching effect.


Problem-based learning(pbl), Remote sensing(rs), Teaching reform, Aalborg university(aau)