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Research on Nursing Education Based on Turnover Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.153


Meiqin Zhang, Hongmei Tang, Huiyun Zhao, Shi Tang, Dan Li, Yuxiao Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Tang


With the development of information technology, more and more educators use “micro-class”, “curtain class” and “flip class” in teaching to adapt to the development of modern education and the needs of students. In this paper, 60 nursing undergraduates were selected and divided into an experimental group and a control group by drawing lots. The experimental group has 30 students and the control group has 30 students, all of whom are girls. Using traditional teaching methods, the experimental group and the control group are taught by the same teacher, ensuring the same teaching hours, teaching progress and main contents. Statistical analysis of students' examination results and questionnaire survey were conducted to evaluate the teaching effect. The results showed that the final examination results of the experimental group were better than those of the control group, and 98.39% of the students in the experimental group affirmed the teaching method. The conclusion shows that the teaching mode based on flip class improves students' performance, cultivates students' self-study ability and is beneficial to teachers' professional growth.


Turn over the classroom, Nursing education, Teaching