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Application of Parallel Corpus in Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.152


Rongqi Yu

Corresponding Author

Rongqi Yu


With the increasing needs of translation talents, how to train qualified translators has become a problem for all translation teachers. The application of parallel corpus in translation teaching will not only improve the effectiveness of translation teaching but also cultivate more qualified translators for the society. Corpus offers learners with electronic texts, visualized data, diversified analysis, scientific conclusion, and organic achievements. In traditional translation teaching, the teachers are likely to lay much emphasis on the using of strategies and skills without data supporting. Parallel corpus provides learners with many different translated versions of the same words or sentences. This helps the learners to have a better understanding of language differences and different translation skills used. These are all useful for the improvement of learners’ translation abilities.


Parallel corpus, Translation teaching, Cultivation of translation abilities