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The Inheritance and Development of Paper-Cut Art in Art Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.146


Xiuli Hao

Corresponding Author

Xiuli Hao


Paper-cut art, as one of the traditional art forms, has its own long history and unique artistic personality. Chinese folk paper-cut is an organic combination of decoration and practicality. It can not only show the rich and colorful folk life, but also meet the aesthetic needs of various situations. As an important part of folk paper-cut art, there are many problems in its application and inheritance at this stage. Therefore, it is very important to promote the application of folk art and increase its inheritance. The unique strong local cultural atmosphere of paper-cut reflects the life wisdom and aesthetic taste of the working people, and inherits the artistic characteristics and local spirit of the Chinese nation. The inheritance and development of traditional paper-cut art can not be separated from the attention of teachers and students. Teachers should guide students to adhere to the innovative path of integration of traditional art and modern culture. Based on this, this paper focuses on the analysis of paper-cut art in art teaching methods and development ideas.


Paper cutting art, Art teaching, Artistic feature