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Research on Aesthetic Image in Piano Performing Arts

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.30


Zhang Xiangyong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xiangyong


Music is the most beautiful language of mankind, but also the best expression of human emotions, through the music people can vent their own emotions, whether it is sad or happy, quiet or warm, you can through the music to the perfect interpretation. As known as the king of the instrument in terms of the piano, its unique sound, wide range, is undoubtedly the interpretation of the best musical instruments. However, the piano performance in order to really move people, not the skills of skill, not the quality of piano quality, the most important thing is whether the player can accurately grasp the meaning of a song, the interpretation of good music contained in the emotions, This requires the player to have an aesthetic image. This article elaborates the relationship between the aesthetic image and the perfect interpretation of the piano music in combination with the important effect of the aesthetic image on the piano performance, and provides theoretical support for the player to better and complete the interpretation of the music.


Piano Playing, Aesthetic Image, Emotional Expression.