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The Analysis of “Four Dimensional Integration” Applied Talents Training Mode Oriented to Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Logistics Management in Private Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.142


Shengzhuang Li

Corresponding Author

Shengzhuang Li


With the progress of period and the development of economy, innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly becoming the essential ability and quality of college students in the new era. In this context, the profession of logistics management must meet the requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship and carry out targeted talent training model innovation in order to enhance its market competitiveness for private colleges. Starting from the innovation, entrepreneurship as well as the social demand for application-oriented logistics management talents, this paper attempts to design a “four-dimensional integration” talent training mode, so as to explore effective approaches to the application-oriented undergraduates training model for private colleges.


Talent training model, Application-oriented talents, Teaching mode