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Analysis on the Innovation and Development of Tv Slow Variety

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.131


Jinpeng Wen, Qun Chen

Corresponding Author

Jinpeng Wen


With the development of society, people become very nervous because of the fast-paced lifestyle. Watching variety shows has become an important way for people to release pressure. In the past, variety shows were mainly based on fast-paced competitive games.The lack of innovation in the content of the programs and the visual fatigue of the audience caused by watching them for a long time inevitably provided an opportunity for the formation of slow variety Arts in China. Slow variety shows ease the tense life of fast-paced urban people with warm stories and healing style, and meet people's emotional needs for “slow” life. The popularity of slow variety shows in China means that variety shows have developed from “fast” to “slow”, from “good-looking” to “tasty”. However, there are many shortcomings in the blowout development of slow variety in China. This paper will discuss the reasons for the hot broadcasting of slow variety in China. Based on the current social and cultural background, the future innovation and development of slow variety shows are analyzed.


Slow variety, Fast tempo, Innovation, Back to field season