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“The Relationship between Mind and Body” in Embodied Cognitive Theory and Its Educational Implications

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.124


Yan Jingyi, Yang Liansheng

Corresponding Author

Yan Jingyi


The relationship between mind and body is an old new topic, and it has also been the focus of discussion in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy. The reason why it is ancient because philosophical thinking has been used to explore the relationship between the subject and the object from the beginning of the generation of an independent individual consciousness, including the relationship between mind and body. The reason why it is brand new is because with the development of cognitive psychology, the theory of embodied cognition was proposed in the 1980s, and the ancient propositions of mind and body relations were re-examined, which also prompted the discussion of physical and mental relationship to turn from philosophical speculation to experimental science. This article combines the understanding of the relationship between physical and mental in Eastern and Western cultures, and re-examines the relationship between physical, mental and environment from the perspective of embodied cognition theory, as well as the inspiration for individual development.


Body, Embodied cognition, The relationship between mind and body