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Common Proportion Error Problem Perspective and Value Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.120


Yu Huan

Corresponding Author

Yu Huan


It is one of the core tasks of mathematics teaching reform for teachers to understand the thinking law of students. This paper takes proportion as the research object, combs the common errors of students, analyzes the common solutions of proportion problems, explains the reasons of students' errors from the perspective of knowledge, program strategy and intuition, and finally obtains the reasons that children's understanding of concentration is limited, strategies are improper, multiplication relationship is not recognized, intuitive influence and other reasons lead to children's errors. On this basis, according to the proportional reasoning model, judge the level of students' proportional reasoning, and make contribution to improve students' proportional reasoning ability.


Mathematics proportion error, Proportion of thinking, Proportional reasoning, Common proportion error, Isomorphism problem