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An Analysis of the Innovative Strategies of Translation Education from the Perspective of Cultural Transmission

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.111


Li Yan, Zhang Yuxuan

Corresponding Author

Li Yan


This paper focuses on three aspects: first, the definition of Chinese culture external communication: analyzing the connotation of Chinese culture external communication strategy according to the existing literature; second, the path of Chinese culture external communication: This paper discusses the government, enterprises, social organizations and individuals as the main body of the external communication of Chinese culture, and determines the six dimensions of the innovation of the external communication path of Chinese culture. 3, Translation education and the construction of Chinese cultural communication team: This paper mainly introduces the current situation and problems in the construction of domestic translation and translation disciplines, probes into the guarantee mechanism of Chinese cultural communication, and intends to discuss translation education in terms of national development strategy, science construction and industry development How to serve the national strategy of Chinese cultural communication.


Chinese culture, External communication, Translation education