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Reforms and Practices of “Landscape Architecture Planning and Design” Based on Discipline Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.109


Lu Lin, Pan Xiang, Zhu Chunyan, Wang Xin Meng, Xin Meng, Pan Yuanzhi

Corresponding Author

Pan Yuanzhi


Cultivating talents with practical ability and innovative spirit is the ultimate goal of connotative development of higher education. Curriculum construction is a key link to improve the quality of undergraduate talent training. According to the characteristics of the “Landscape Planning and Design” course and teaching problems in the landscape engineering specialty under the background of the “new engineering” construction, the discipline competition was taken as the breakthrough point of the course teaching reform. By integrating teaching content, reforming teaching concepts, and improving the overall quality of teachers , Built a new teaching platform of “three in one” and reformed the curriculum assessment system. The results of the 2016-2018 subject competition awards show that since the implementation of the teaching reform, the teaching enthusiasm and sense of responsibility of classroom teachers have been significantly improved, the quality of classroom teaching and student learning effectiveness have been significantly improved, and students' practical skills and pioneering and innovative abilities have been significantly enhanced.


Discipline competition, Landscape planning and design, Teaching reform, Landscape architecture specialty