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Thinking on Teachers of Higher Vocational Hotel Management Major Participating in on-the-Job Exercise of Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.108


Sun Jian

Corresponding Author

Sun Jian


In today's society, with the continuous improvement of the education system, teachers engaged in hotel management can help improve their practical skills and professional literacy through various channels. Among them, the most effective way is for teachers to go to companies for on-the-job training. Although this law has been widely implemented, there are still a series of problems that need to be resolved in the process of actual employment. In order to fundamentally guarantee the effect of on-the-job training, this article takes the significance of professional vocational hotel teachers' participation in corporate on-the-job training as the starting point, and conducts a specific analysis from three factors: teachers themselves, schools and hotels, and improves the effectiveness of on-the-job training. The method is explained.


Hotel management in higher vocational colleges, On-the-job training, Thinking and measures