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The System of Entrepreneurship Education in UK’s Higher Education and Its Enlightenments for China

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.107


Yongjin Zhu, Quan Wang, Jing Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yongjin Zhu


Entrepreneurship education is an education that applies innovative behavior, attributes and capabilities to creating cultural, social or economic value. In the 21st century, university innovation and entrepreneurship education in the UK is gradually moving towards a mature stage of diversified development. The entrepreneurship education has achieved great success and could give much enlightenment to China. China can learn from the implementation of entrepreneurship education in UK, and taking measures in teaching resources and modes, management systems and making close relationship between education and markets so as to lay a solid foundation for a society full of entrepreneurship spirit.


Entrepreneurship education, UK, Higher education, Enlightenment