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The Application Analysis of Big Data Technology in the Educational Management of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.103


Dongmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Wang


In the era of big data, information technology has gained attention in all walks of life, which has impacted people's production, life and work, and also promoted the innovation and development of today's education. Under such circumstances, the educational work of colleges and universities will face more new challenges and opportunities. In the new era, the education management of college students needs to progress and innovate with the changes of the times, improve the previous education model, and achieve the unique development of education management. Based on the practical application of science and technology of big data, this paper analyzes the current application of big data technology in the education and management of college students, so as to find out the development path of college students' education and management under big data, which is a great way for the education of college students in the modern era development and reform provide the basis.


Big data technology, College education, College students, Education management