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On the Practical Teaching Mode for Tourism Management Undergraduates: a Case Study of the Tourism Management Major (Sino-French Cooperation) of Ningbo University

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.097


Zhangli Le

Corresponding Author

Zhangli Le


In recent years, China's tourism industry has become a strategic pillar industry of the national economy. The vigorously developing tourism industry requires a large number of tourism professionals, but at present, there are not enough composite talents and senior talents with outstanding practical ability in the tourism market. Taking the Tourism Management (Sino French cooperation) major of Ningbo University as an example, this paper analyzed the development process and the current situation of the practical education mode and found following problems. First, the characteristics and advantages of this major are not fully exerted. Second, the school does not pay enough attention to practical education. Third, the school does not have relevant experimental bases and practice opportunities. Fourth, teachers with rich practical experience are not enough. In view of above problems, practical teaching suggestions are put forward from four aspects: the school level, the teachers' level, the students' level and the social level, so as to optimize the practical teaching mode, and cultivate excellent talents for the tourism industry.


Tourism management, Undergraduate major, Practical teaching, Ningbo university